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Life after death

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About me

My name is Chris Tolworthy

This is what I do (when I'm not feeding badgers and other animals):

TEDAGAME (The Endless Do Anything Game.)

...and here are other things I think about:

Bible scholarship: why an economic approach is better

Dating the gospel of Mark

Why I am an eighth-theist: what I believe

"Bible Goggles": how supernatural assumptions distort our view of the Bible.

Christians accepted Darwin

Life after death in the Bible: first you have to define "spirit"

Eve and the fall of the old gods: a new look at Genesis 1-4

Cain, the patriarchs, and Noah: a new look at Genesis 5-10

Genocide and slavery?: a new look at Moses

The message of the Bible: the economic Kingdom of God

A verse by verse commentary on Mark

What Jesus did next: after his "resurrection"

Paul, James, Thomas: or, the case against Paul

The history of the church: a commentary on Acts

Prophecy: the future: Mankind's seven thousand year existence

My other web sites

The Case For Kirby   (web version) Jack Kirby invented Marvel Comics, then his editor Stan Lee dumbed it down and took the credit

The Fantastic Four, the Great American Novel.

Kirby the prophet: a blog about my favourite writer

The Zak McKracken Archive

My art: sorry, most of it is only on Facebook.

A video I made to promote my now-defunct art site.



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