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About me

My name is Chris Tolworthy. Here is what I do, when I'm not feeding badgers and urging people to vote for ground rent.

TEDAGAME (The Endless Do Anything Game.)

My old art: sorry, most of it is only on Facebook.

Infinite zoom (A video I made.)

The history of Atlantis (and video version).

The Case For Kirby  (web version): Jack Kirby as creator (not co-creator) of Marvel Comics.

The Fantastic Four, the Great American Novel

Kirby the prophet: a blog about my favourite writer (can you tell?)

The Zak McKracken Archive

Bible stuff

Why I am an eighth-theist: what I believe

Christians accepted Darwin

Bible scholarship: why an economic approach is best

Dating the gospel of Mark

"Bible Goggles": how supernatural assumptions distort our view of the Bible.

A new look at the Bible:

Life after death in the Bible: first you have to define "spirit"

Eve and the fall of the old gods: a new look at Genesis 1-4

Cain, the patriarchs, and Noah: a new look at Genesis 5-10

Genocide and slavery?: a new look at Moses

The message of the Bible: the economic Kingdom of God

A verse by verse commentary on Mark

What Jesus did next: after his "resurrection"

Paul, James, Thomas: or, the case against Paul

The history of the church: a commentary on Acts

Prophecy: the future: Mankind's seven thousand year existence



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