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How to make a perfect world (in one step)
Replace tax with land rent. Ground rents create more wealth and better government.

A world without tax
Our property is whatever we add to society. When we understand that there is no need for taxation.

COMING SOON: How to get more money
Vote to replace tax with land rent. You will make more money.


Why the universe exists
Logic can be derived from nothing. Thence numbers, dimensions, forces, etc..

The mind and life after death
Consciousness is information. Your present body is just one platform.

Atheists and believers are fighting over a straw man. Why do we assume that God is supernatural?


Basic economics

This site is gradually being revised. This section is only here temporarily: it really belongs on another page. Thanks for understanding.

Why property
Why money
Why choice
What should you be paid
Your property equals what you add

Proof 1

Why property

Premise A
Property exists in order to maximise what society wants
The reason for property (in the economic sense of the word) is given by the great philosophers: Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Hegel, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Kant, Marx, Mill, etc.. For a summary of their conclusions see the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on property and ownership. In short, they all agree that economic property laws are justified by their benefit to society.

Premise B
Laws change
Laws are not fixed: law makers argue about what they mean, and update them often.

Where two suggested property laws conflict, we should choose the one that benefits society the most.
Next we will look at how to measure those benefits.

Proof 2
Why money

Premise A
The world is complicated
We may want many different things, each involving many uncertain and changing costs.

Premise B
Money lets us measure things
Money, by definition, is an efficient way to compare very different things, including unknown things (by calculating probabilities).


Proof 3
Why choice

Premise A
If we can think of a better alternative we must be free to choose it
This page is about maximising what we want. Therefore we must be able to look for better choices and choose them.

Premise B
We need all necessary information
To get the most possible we need all information that might help in our quest.

We need free choice and all information that might be useful.
This section was going to be called the "free market," but that term is loaded politically, and has been applied to markets where choice is restricted and useful information is hidden.

Proof 4
What you should be paid

Premise A
A person should not be paid more than the value of their work.
Value is by definition what the market thinks their work is worth (given sufficient choices and information). To be paid more implies the market is not free, and so people receive less than they could.

Premise B
If you are paid less than the value you create then you will create less
This is because, where choice and information exist, the value of your work tends toward the cost of creating it.* So if you are paid less you cannot create it. 
* This is because if the price is significantly above the cost of creation, customers will look for cheaper ways to do it.
What is the incentive for doing work at zero profit? The incentive is that we are exchanging our time for things we want.

For maximum value to society, you should be paid what you add to society.
Later we will see that this results in a more efficient and therefore wealthier society, so you will be paid more than you are now.

Proof 5
Economic property equals what you add

Premise A
Correct property laws are those that create the most wealth for society
See proof 1, why property.

Premise B
The most wealth is created if you are paid what you add
See proof 4, what you should be paid.

Your economic property equals whatever you add to society
Your property can of course be negative if you harm society.

To be continued...






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