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Each person can have their own
ideal government

Ground creates more jobs than workers.*

So a state must attract you with whatever you want,** or it won't survive.***

You can make deals easily, as what you pay (one rent) is very clear and simple.

* Because of
(1) faster economic growth,
(3) workers can pick and choose work they enjoy, and
(2) as we get better at measuring rent, every major investment will pay for itself.
So the only problem will be finding people to do the work.

** E.g. a state might allow a group of citizens to negotiate slightly different rules in a particular city. If it doesn't, it will lose workers to a state that does.

*** States that lose workers also lose the workers' rent. So that state has less money to invest, so nobody wants to live there. As more and more good workers leave, the state becomes bankrupt.