logic made simple
the basis of all reality

It has been claimed that "logicism" proves that mathematics cannot have a logical foundation. In response I provide a very simple proof of how logic creates maths. The beauty of logic is its simplicity. An argument such as mine can be dismissed by showing a single error. Please don't say "read this very long book to see why you are wrong". That sounds suspiciously like an appeal to authority, the very thing that logic exists to refute.

About "nothing"

When we say "nothing" we always mean "not a particular thing". For example, "nothing in my hand" means "not the kind of thing you might be interested in" since my hand does in fact contain air. Even the vacuum of empty space contains quarks popping in and out of existence. Even a mathematical empty set contains something: a logical concept of empty. If it did not then the computer would crash every time it met an empty set: but this "nothing" has something: the implication of its surrounding structure.

When we imagine absolute nothing - when we try to empty our minds - we are really imagining ignorance. Another way to think of nothing is to imagine a world of zero size with zero content. Such a world does in fact exist: an infinite number of them exist in the palm of my hand. And the busy world around them goes on as usual.

About physicality

Another way to see physicality is as force. An object is solid only
because it resists other objects moving through it. In other words,
energy is needed to change point "A" relative to point "B".
It is all just data. We "feel" data because
we are data too.