by Chris Tolworthy


(how to make a perfect world)

The secrets of the universe

Humans: no longer top species

Why I am an eighth-theist


The Endless Do Anything Game. (Work in progress.)

Jack Kirby

The guy who created Marvel Comics (before Stan Lee dumbed it down):
The Case For Kirby   (web version)
The Fantastic Four, the Great American Novel.

David Fox

I like Fox's unplifting, mind expanding, fun games. This is my favourite, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

Hans Rosling

I think that the more people who visit Gapminder and absorb its message, the better the world will be.

Bible topics

My friend Mark: why the answer really is 42

Bible scholarship: many problems, one solution.

Christians accepted Darwin

Research notes, 2015:

God is logic
Spirit means ideas
Eve and the fall of the old gods 
Genocide and slavery?
The message of the Bible: the Kingdom of God
Mark: a verse by verse commentary
Resurrection? What Jesus did next
Paul, James, Thomas
The history of the church
Prophecy: the future

"Bible Goggles" is my 2016 update. A blog about how supernatural assumptions distort our view of the Bible.

And here's some of my art. Sorry, most of it is only on Facebook.
But here's a video I made to promote my now-defunct art site.

Image source: based on "sunset point" by Aaron Jacobs, combined with "CME eruption" by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and an artist's impression of exoplanet HD189733b (NASA/ESA), and "Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah" by John Martin.