Diogenes the Cynic philosopher, in his barrel
I am more
cynical than you

At first glance, I might sound like Pollyanna, or Dr. Pangloss: a hopeless optimist. But nothing could be further from the truth.

A lifetime of study has convinced me that humans are far worse than we could possibly imagine. Even the best of us avoids information that would make us look bad, puts our personal whims before the death of strangers, and reacts to the unknown with fear and violence (usually sub-contracted via politicians).

But that's OK. Once we accept that, then everything becomes simple.

To cut a long story short, morality is just what helps our genes in the long term. If I can show the link between long term morality and getting what we want then I can help people do good without them being good. I am trying to show people how to get what they want.

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