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people should keep the value they create

If people keep the value they create, then all resources are used in the most efficient way possible. Such a society survives when others do not. And it flourishes when others merely survive.


  1. No resources are wasted in merely transferring wealth: all time is spend creating new wealth. (Because if you merely transfer wealth then your gain is somebody's loss: you have created nothing so can keep nothing.)
  2. All resources are used where they do the most good to society. (Because that creates the most wealth, and you keep what you create.)
  3. All skills and knowledge are shared as widely as possible. (Because sharing skills is the most effective way to add wealth to society. If you add less wealth then you can pay less for resources: see next point.)
  4. All resources go to those who can use them the best. (Because of ground rent: rent is equal to the highest value somebody will pay. That is, the most efficient user set the price. So the owner, who pays the ground rent, must be just as efficient, or sell to somebody who is.)
    Ironically, this increasing efficiency reduces stress: your life becomes easier.